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Since 2005 our website optimization tools have been the secret sauce for helping thousands of enterprise-level companies build better customer experiences. 

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Site Launches
Early Access. Beta. Redesigns.

Visitor Data Analysis

Visitor Analysis
Referrals. Clicks. And Engagement. 

User Experience Audit

UX/UI Audits
User Context. User Journeys. User Experiences. 

Data Driven Designs

Customer Analysis
Qualitative or Qualitative. Implied or Observed. 

Validating A/B Test Results

A/B Testing. Multi-Variate Testing.

"Traffic means nothing if it doesn’t drive sales. As an agency, we’ve learned it doesn’t matter how much traffic we get if the client doesn’t see it in their bottom line. We use Crazy Egg to make sure our efforts are successful, and often we can show an impact through Crazy Egg early into an engagement by finding conversion issues with the website as SEO and other traffic sources take time to grow. This leads to better retention for us, more sales for the customer, and better performance for the website as a whole. It’s a no brainer!"

Nick Roshon VP of Sales at Neil Patel Digital Agency

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How SEO agency Search Laboratory helped a client achieve a 26.93% increase in their landing page conversion rate using Crazy Egg

Before and After of landing page

MaritzCX, a leading customer experience and market research company, asked SEO agency Search Laboratory to help them optimize their landing page templates so they could maximize the investment they were making in PPC campaigns.

Using Crazy Egg's website optimization tools in combination with visitor data from Google Analytics, the Search Labs CRO team made the following observations about the landing page template:

  • The headline was obscured by the hero image
  • The value of working with MaritzCX was buried in a column of text
  • There was very little visual hierarchy within the design

Based on these observations, Search Labs broke up the single text column, added social proof to reinforce the value proposition of MaritzCX, and built white space into the design. The results were significant, as the post-experiment period revealed that the landing page conversion rate improved by 26.93%.

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