Crazy Egg

Get more bookings. Accelerate your signups. Improve your form completion rates. 

When you use actual site visitor data to inform your landing page updates, redesigns, and tests, you’re in a position to significantly boost your lead gen efforts.

Since 2005 our website optimization tools have helped professional services companies capture leads. 

Join the thousands of restaurants, legal services, financial services, real estate, and automobile companies using Crazy Egg for Lead Gen. 

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Crazy Egg Is Ideal For Helping You Optimize Lead Capture

Data Driven Designs

Battle Form Abandonment
Leverage page interaction data

Visitor Data Analysis

Engagement Analysis
Find out where visitors hit Snooze

User Experience Audit

Audience Segmentation
Drill down on New vs. Returning traffic


Streamline Submission Time
Improve site navigation

Validating A/B Test Results

Run Experiments
Launch A/B tests and Multi-Variate tests

Crazy Egg Snapshot Reports - Heatmap Scrollmap Confetti

Get To Know Your Site Visitors
Our visual heatmaps, scrollmaps, referral traffic and audience demographic reports show you where people are paying attention, getting frustrated, completing your desired action, and missing the mark.

With 22 filters at your fingertips, you have the ability to dig into your customer segments, identify who your most valuable site visitors are, and understand what referral sources they came from.

Crazy Egg Visitor Recordings

Gather Quantitative And Qualitative Data
Whether your goal is a Quote request, Demo signup, or Appointment booking, chances are that CTA buttons, popups and forms are the way you collect contact information.

With Crazy Egg’s session recordings, you can monitor visitor interaction in real-time and identify any form completion issues that may be stopping your site visitors from becoming leads. Want to ask people directly why they’re not making it to the finish line? Our integration with SurveyMonkey lets you do just that.

Crazy Egg Integrations

Integrations like Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace and Shopify make installing Crazy Egg a breeze

Track Unlimited Sites

Pay as little as $24/mo for access to all our website optimization tools

Add Team Members

Add team members and manage permissions from your dashboard with no increase in costs or admin 

Export your data

Export reports and data for easy sharing with team members and key stakeholders

Phones with different variants

Google Analytics shows you what people are doing on your site. Crazy Egg will show you why, in seconds!

Armed with visual proof of how people are interacting with your CTA buttons, popups and forms, you can put those observations into action with our intuitive, easy to use A/B Testing tool.

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