Targeted feedback with Surveys

Have your finger on the pulse and connect with your customers like never before.

Find out what your website visitors think, instantly.

Get direct feedback right from
the people that matter

Connect with your customers and website visitors

Unbiased feedback is key to staying relevant, accessible, and successful — however that looks for you

  • Measure the customer experience with NPS scores and ratings

  • Improve an existing product or feature from direct customer feedback

  • Improve purchasing conversions by learning what your customers want

Accessible Surveys

Our surveys meet all 61 criteria of the WCAG AAA standards – so you can be confident of reaching your entire visitor base.

  • Colors automatically adjust to meet or exceed contrast requirements

  • Keyboard users rejoyce! Our surveys are easy to navigate and submit by keyboard.

  • Customizable Design

    Adjust the colors and choose between light and dark themes to match your banding.

  • Unlimited

    Create as many surveys as you want and get unlimited repsponses.

  • No Storage

    Your data — forever! Keep survey responses as long as you want with no time limit on storage.

Create and customize customer feedback survey forms with this easy-to-use, beautiful survey tool.